Desirae Bernice Rambler, Gozho’do’leel, Apache Buckskin and Tribal Seal Medallion

Desirae Bernice Rambler (San Carlos Apache)
Gozho’do’leel, Apache Buckskin and Tribal Seal Medallion
Modern hide, beads, jingles, fringe

The Apache Buckskin was selected as a reminder to everyone that everything will work out beautifully, everything will fall into place, and you will find healing, love, and happiness through Gozho with strength and resilience. Gozho is a central belief to the Apache. Within the value systems, revelations came to the holy people through the creator and then through them to us. This belief creates well-being through the feelings of goodness, balance, harmony, and beauty all around me. My Mother Sandra Rambler handcrafted the modern Medallion and the buckskin is my own personal one as well.

The Buckskin is worn by young Apache women when they transition into womanhood, and it stays with them for the rest of their life, so that when they put it on, they may always walk in beauty, remain humble, and kind. The buckskin is fashioned of modern hide, beads, jingles, and fringes, and is painted yellow to symbolize the Apache people’s four sacred colors. The color yellow represents the east, and we offer our prayers in this direction so we may receive blessings from the holy people.



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