Maddie Sanders, Hvtvm Cehecares (I Will See You Again)

Maddie Sanders (Mvskoke & Mojave)
Hvtvm Cehecares (I Will See You Again)
Gabardine, nylon fringe, heat transfer vinyl

To those who never made it home.
To those who are still waiting to be found.
To all my relatives that made it through.
You are not forgotten. I will see you again.



Murals by Maddie Sanders (Mvskoke & Mojave), with help from Elise Boulanger (Osage), and AJ Lopez.



As Seeds, We Grow: Student Reflections on Resilience Exhibit Catalog Copyright © 2023 by Elise Boulanger; Shenay Atene; Kirbie Bennett; Paige Brown; Keo Crank; Ana Henry; Hannah Jacks; AJ Lopez; Camela Manheimer; Sam McCullar; Destiny Morgan; Desirae Bernice Rambler; Andrea L. Rogers; Eugene Rogers; Maddie Sanders; Kaitlyn Sebwenna-Painter; and Rexine Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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