Destiny Morgan, From Seeds, We Expect Changes

Destiny Morgan (Diné, Nahiłii)
From Seeds, We Expect Changes
Digital media booklet

“They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds,” is an empowering statement of resilience and continuity. Whether this allows us to stand up against broad injustice or merely minor personal challenges, I believe it provides us with strength and a starting point for more in-depth contemplation. Seeds are used to symbolize new beginnings. From tiny seeds, we can expect mighty changes.


Photos in order of appearance:
Navajo model Jessica Ashton
Navajo shaman creating a sand painting, photo by Happy Cly
Leonard Deal
Navajo woman taking photograph, 1945 in New Mexico, “John Wayne Era”
Photo by Brad Schmidt
Photo by Alfredo Rodriguez
Navajo baby in cradleboard
Craftsman making turquoise Zuni jewelry
Navajo elder in traditional attire
Navajo elder holding a lamb

All of the images used in this booklet are for educational purposes, to demonstrate cultural resilience.



As Seeds, We Grow: Student Reflections on Resilience Exhibit Catalog Copyright © 2023 by Elise Boulanger; Shenay Atene; Kirbie Bennett; Paige Brown; Keo Crank; Ana Henry; Hannah Jacks; AJ Lopez; Camela Manheimer; Sam McCullar; Destiny Morgan; Desirae Bernice Rambler; Andrea L. Rogers; Eugene Rogers; Maddie Sanders; Kaitlyn Sebwenna-Painter; and Rexine Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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