11 Everything You Need To Know About Fiction Profits Academy Reviews

An online school called Fiction Profits Academy teaches you how to use Kindle Direct Publishing to make money online. The most important aspects of this business model to take into account are time to profit, product selection, and inventory management. It is not as simple as Karla Marie claims, despite the fact that Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing can bring in a respectable income.

A course called Fiction Profits Academy review shows students how to write, promote, and promote their e-books on Amazon. Although this approach has grown in popularity, its low-profit margins make it possible that it is not the ideal online company model. Even Karla Marie acknowledged that it can be difficult to make six figures.

An Overview Of The Program:

Karla Marie’s Fiction Profits Academy’s major goal is to assist individuals in generating income on Amazon, particularly via the Kindle Publishing network. What it does is as follows:

  1. You can learn to write digital fiction books in markets with strong sales (or outsource).
  2. You list them for sale in the Kindle section of Amazon.
  3. You generate cash by making sales, then repeat the process until you can afford to hire writers for your Kindle eBooks, which will enable you to scale your business to full-time income levels.

All of this is covered in a thorough ten-module course that includes an introduction, instructions for creating eBooks, examples of eye-catching covers, marketing tips for Kindle eBooks, and much more.

Karla Marie: Who is she?

As a highly successful course developer and self-described “Kindle self-publishing expert,” Karla Marie has amassed multiple six-figure incomes from her work in the field. Karla was an international traveling artist in Canada before she started her own publishing company.

Karla has trained hundreds of people from six continents over the years on how to monetize their eBook bundles. Her students and readers have become devoted to her thanks to her knowledge of romantic novels.

Fiction Profits Academy: Is it a Scam?

There is no fraud with Fiction Profits Academy. It should be highlighted that the pitch for sale may be deceptive because there are additional expenses in addition to the first amount. These expenses cover the fees of hiring writers, purchasing book covers, running Facebook ads, mailing books, using book sprout, hiring editors, and more.

Although the webinar says that only 500 dollars are required for a pair of novels, the true cost can easily reach 1,000 dollars or more when you include expenditures for creating an Amazon book, mailing list subscriptions, reviewer sites, and advertisements.


It’s obvious that you may create a tonne of money online after working in the dropship trenches for more than six years. However, as this Fiction Profits Academy review has revealed, neither the program nor Karla Mari is particularly noteworthy. Yes, self-publishing is a legitimate online business strategy, but Karla Marie exaggerates how simple, passive, and successful it is. Yet it only depends on personal preferences if you want to choose them.


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